Love Concepts for a New Age (5D):

I have written a book on the subject of 'Love & Sexuality' which I would like to make available to you here for free download (see below). Alternatively you can buy it on Amazon.

To this website:

My original idea was to develop concept modules and to provide suggestions on how to put together your dream relationship together with your partner. In my opinion, the relationship models as they are currently lived are outdated and I would like to develop an update on them. Relationship models for the new era.

My goal is to enable unconditional love and the basis for this is an inner stability of one's own person. That's why in the previous building blocks I concentrated on picking people up where they are at the moment. Unfortunately, many of us are still burdened with feelings that do not allow free expression of love and sexuality.

On this page, everyone can independently get suggestions and pull themselves out of the emotional quicksand into which they have gotten by previous circumstances. I also present concepts of love for the future, which are very spiritual and are meant to connect to 'all that is'. If that sounds too esoteric, feel free to click on my Fun & Games page, which deals with worldly (sensual) pleasure.

If you are interested in other topics, you are welcome to bring more love into the world and participate in my conscious community. You can find more information at www.conscious-community.com . You can find other main topics on my professional coaching and mediation page https://deborahhurst.com/ and in the life concepts https://lebens-konzepte.de/ .